I've been taking Chucks Special Reserve CBD's for my neck pain. I've tried everything from OTC to Prescription, they both were ineffective and also made me sick to my stomach. After 4 months, not only is my neck feeling better, it has eliminated my period pains. This is a major bonus since I've been suffering for years with pain and cramping that even surgery couldn't alleviate. Thank you MESO & Chuck.

Leslie Rae

Chuck's CBD's have saved my eyesight. I am constantly working on my computer laying out the magazine and my eyesight has gotten worse over the years. Taking the CBD's everyday has made it possible for me to read the magazine without my glasses. Thank you Chuck!!!!


My adult daughter Amber has been in a wheelchair her entire life and as a result has developed very bad bed sores. We have been treating it for years with medication with no real results. We started using the Salve around the wound and within two weeks started seeing skin re-growth. It closed up completely within 6 weeks of starting! We will forever be MESO Healthy product users!


My 2 year old daughter got a few mosquito bites on her legs a couple days ago and was very uncomfortable with the itching. I used some of the Salve and in an hour and a half the bites were completely gone!


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